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What Our Customers Are Saying

“In all honesty, the school system couldn't figure out what to do to help my son. He was coming home feeling dejected and ridiculed because he didn't pick things up the way the teacher's expected. The school didn't figure out what to do to reach him -- and I don't feel that they tried. Within a few visits, Meagan figured out his learning style and translated an education program to help him connect the dots. With a translation to the way he learns, we did build that bridge. He is now getting A & B grades on his own and finally getting the confidence to take charge of his learning. Meagan is a blessing that we didn't know we needed, but she has quite literally changed the course of his future. How do you say thank you to that?”

Indigo Learning Connections Parent in Lithia, FL

“It warmed my heart to finally be able to help my son by finding him a learning coach. With Meagan's help he has been successful.”

Indigo Learning Connections Parent in Riverview, FL


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