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The Indigo Method

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

- Albert Einstein    

Indigo Learning Connections is dedicated to assuring that each and every child that we work with is successful. In order to do so, Indigo has developed a unique and thorough learning method to assure that your student is not only learning what they need to learn, but also how they need to learn. By building upon what students are already knowledgeable of, students are able to learn quickly and confidently. 

Our Steps to Success:

Tactical Learning Analysis

After contacting us, Indigo Learning Connections will conduct an individualized Tactical Learning Analysis (TLA) based on your student's indicated needs. This assessment will enable us to design a customized education plan and develop learning tools to meet your student's needs.


Customized Education Plan

Once assessed, we will develop a Customized Education Plan (CEP) specifically designed to meet the needs of your student. The CEP will include a breakdown of the areas where your student is successful, target areas that your student needs to work towards, and the teaching techniques and methods needed to ensure your student is successful.

Learning Tools Development

Indigo Learning Connection's Learning Tools are manipulatives and techniques used to help your child meet and exceed their needs. These tools will not only be used during your student's tutoring sessions, but will also be able to be used by your student at school so that they can learn in the way that best suits their needs.

Private Tutoring

Through the use of private tutoring sessions, your student's learning coach will be able to get to know them personally and create a connection with them. By developing an understanding of your student, our learning coaches are able to teach them in ways that best meets their individualized learning needs. All sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour, and are held once or twice per week, based on the academic needs of your student.


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