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Date: 6/24/2017 1:23 PM PDT

One of my favorite things about working in the school that I did was the people I got to work with. Sure, the kids were awesome and the feeling that I got when they finally grasped a concept I had been teaching was indescribable; but there’s nothing like getting to work with your closest friends. 

One of my favorite activities that we did during the school year was Shaving Cream Cursive. If you haven’t tried this with your kiddos yet, you NEED to! Not only is it fun for the kids because they feel like they’re making a mess by spreading shaving cream all over and then getting to draw/write in it, but it also helps to clean the desks. Seriously! All that mysterious and unmentionable grime gets cleaned away when you wipe off the shaving cream at the end of the lesson, and it makes the desks nice and shiny. 

Without fail, my kiddos loved this activity every time we did it. Often one of my co-teachers would come in and join in on the fun. We would go around and write on the kids desks in cursive and then we’d have them read it to us. I had them spell their spelling or vocabulary words in it. We would help them draw pictures. It’s just a super fun tactical and kinesthetic activity. Especially when the shaving cream fight ensued. Check it out below.

*Please note: No teachers, students, or clothing was harmed during said shaving cream war. A good time was had by all involved. 

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Date: 6/23/2017 4:54 PM PDT

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Date: 6/23/2017 4:23 PM PDT

I was working with a student today on their sight words. We were working on quick word recognition through a game I call "word search" - we scattered sight word cards all over and when I called out a word they had to find it. Not only was I tickled pink when they told me, "This is the most fun sight word game!" but their mom also informed me that their fluency went from 29 words per minute to 40 words per minute in two weeks!! I am incredibly proud and love seeing my kiddos building bridges to success.

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Date: 6/23/2017 4:20 PM PDT

This morning I was working with a kiddo who told me that this problem was the "hardest problem in the world." As a visual learner, seeing all these numbers in black and white was completely overwhelming. After rewriting it in a color coded format and some slight coaching he was able to solve it all by himself! So proud of my kiddos and the bridges they continuously create!

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