Building the bridge to a brighter future.

Our Mission

Indigo Learning Connections values each and every student, and strives to ensure that each 

student served is taught in ways that best meets their individualized learning needs. We are 

dedicated to teaching students to succeed in the present while preparing them for the future.

How It Began

During the last semester of her master's program, Meagan was sitting in an Exceptional Student Education course.

In the midst of a class discussion about education resources available to students who learn differently, it dawned

on Meagan that though there were many tutoring companies out there, but very few who had the skill set needed

to teach students who learn through the window rather than the door. Thus, Indigo Learning Connections was

born. Meagan believes that all students are capable of learning, just not in the same way. She is dedicated

to ensuring students meet their maximum potential so that they may have a brighter future. 

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